Sign Up HotmailHotmail is one of the most used mailing services online. Along Gmail and Yahoo, Hotmail has millions of users using their email system every day to connect with their friends. If you are not registered with Hotmail and you want to do so, we will help you by providing you with step by step easy instructions.

Sign Up Hotmail

The very first thing that you have to do is to go to, this is Hotmail’s website and it is used both for logging in (once you have an account) and for registering on Hotmail. Once you have reached that website, a very simple window will appear. You will have to search for the button that says “No account? Create one!”. This can be found at the centre of the screen, close to where the log-in boxes are.

Once you click there, you will be taken to a different window where you will be asked to enter quite a few details about you. These will include general things, like your name, to more specific and necessary things, like an alternative email account for recovering your Hotmail account in case this is stolen.

But first things first, type in your name, surname, username (they name you want everybody to see and that will be in your email extension) and select a password. This may take a bit of time if your chosen username is already taken, as you can only select a username that no other user is using at the moment. A quick note on your password: make sure you remember it, as you will need it to access your email account!

The next thing is your date of birth, gender and the country that you live on. I personally don’t think there is any reason to lie on these, but that is completely up to you. They mainly use this information for statistical purposes.

The last bit of information that you need to provide when registering on Hotmail is an alternative email address and phone number. As mentioned earlier, this is to help you recover your email account if it is ever stolen.

That would be all! The captcha at the bottom is pretty standard, as most websites, a requirement to check if you are a robot or not is required, but if you are struggling to understand the characters displayed on the captcha you can always have it said to you by clicking the “Audio” button. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

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Sign Up Hotmail
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